Sapience: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories


What kind of life will we find in the depths of Europa’s oceans? What kind of life will we allow an AI with human level intelligence? The ten stories in Sapience: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories explore these questions and many more.

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Saints and Curses

The short stories in Saints and Curses explore fantasy and magic from a wide variety of perspectives and settings. The stories range from lighthearted modern fantasy in stories like Elven Carols, to the dark and ominous stories like Erlkonig and the King of Rats, and in time from the late antiquity and early Byzantium to the modern day. Magic, like all forms of power and like human nature, has two sides, light and dark. Whether we find (or become) a saint or a curse depends on our circumstances and our choices.

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Lunar Madness Anthology

More details to come on a forthcoming science fiction/fantasy anthology with the theme of “Lunar Madness.” We will be taking submissions (but not yet—we will send out an update to our mailing list when we’re ready to accept submissions).