Book Sales, Reviews, Author Interview, and a Guest Post on New Adventures in Scifi!

I’ve been doing tons of book promotions lately, and I’m excited to announce that both of my books are on sale for the first time! Both Sapience and Saints & Curses are on sale for $0.99 (a Kindle Countdown) until Aug. 16, 2019. Be sure to check them out!

I’m also excited that both Saints & Curses received an excellent review from writer and book blogger Dr. J, on the blog, Dr. J Reads! Dr. J also wrote a wonderful review of Sapience on Amazon, and was kind enough to ask me for an interview, which should be out soon.

If there’s anything I like in fantasy stories, it’s the idea that even in a modern and sometimes decidedly mundane world, magic is just around the corner. I find some fantasy writers act as though magic or incredible things or heroism are relics of an ancient past, and I just find that mentality really depressing. I find magic, at least in the sense of the mysterious and haunting qualities of nature or human beings, very real and present today. —from my interview on

I’ve also been happy that I had another author interview come out, this one on! It’s a very interesting website, especially for writers, so check it out!

One of the things I enjoy most on Twitter is writing very short stories, or vss. There are tons of great hashtags to give you prompts, including #vss365, #SciFiFri, #SciFanSat, and #Satsplat. For someone who’s busy or a bit overwhelmed but still wants to write, these hashtags are a great way to write and be creative in tiny bursts throughout the week.—from my guest post on New Adventures in Sci-Fi

Last but not least, I’ve also shared some of my most recent very short stories on Chris Morton’s New Adventures in Sci-fi! These were some of my favorite recent vss, if you like my mini stories, especially science fiction and fantasy ones, take a look!