Five More Science Fiction/Fantasy Very Short Stories

Here are some more of my scifi/fantasy very short stories, usually written for #vss365 or #satsplat. I hope you enjoy them!


The stone pillars are ancient, their edges softened by layers of moss. Gnarled black trees that surround the ruins, hiding them away with dark foliage. Zaid lifts a branch. There's a girl asleep on a flat stone, golden hair flowing around her, a crown on her lap.


She found it deep in a cave, its body so massive and ancient she had thought it part of the rock. It opened one yellow eye and stared into her. She froze. Its scales had hardened into stone, its wings looked like stalactites, but its inner fire burned hot.


"I'm joining the Lotus eaters."

"You'll dream forever and never wake up again. Why, Silda?"

She looked off into the distance, a thousand yard stare. "I'll see them again in dreams."

He put an arm around her, tears on his cheeks. "Stay and we'll make new dreams."


The drone was smaller than a pocket watch, and it could fly or skitter along the ground like a mechanical hamster.

"What are you going to do with that?" the recruit asked.

"Information is power," she said. "If we find the name of his mistress, we can turn him. Or her."


"Death is the crucible and it forges us into someone, or something new," the witch said. She stirred her cauldron. "That is why I cannot do what you ask, my lord. The lady you knew is gone. Who can say what she has become?"

"Do it or join her," he hissed.