My Latest Book News--Reviews, Interviews, and the Library!

In addition to the mini-book tour, I’ve also had some great online book promotion lately! I had a lovely interview with Dr. J, a book blogger who’s also reviewed both Sapience and Saints & Curses. Here’s my favorite quote (this is so me right now, even more so since school started and I’ve back at work):

Just keep going--read, write, don't beat yourself up, just keep going! Lots of great books took their authors years, even decades, to write. While I respect people who write quickly, if that's not you (and it's not me), just keep writing and you'll get there.

Even reading it again, it helps to remind myself that it gets better. Right now, at the start of a new school year, I’m bone-tired and stressed out, and I can' hardly get any writing done at all. But it will pass. Everyone will adjust to being back at school, we’ll find a good routine, and I’ll get my energy back. Someday. Right?

Saints and Curses also got lovely reviews from book bloggers GripLitGrl and Sarah Lillian! Here’s my favorite quote from GripLitGrl’s review:

I love how Lantgen put together these short stories with great balance the stories transition between dark and light magical fantasy. Each time one story ends you’ll be looking forward to reading the next one.

And here’s another quote from Sarah Lillian:

Although Erlkong was short, of course as it is part of a short story collection, it still made me cry. In a few pages Alexis hit me hard in the feels (in the best way).

I’m so glad that both bloggers enjoyed my book!

Sapience also got a book spotlight on a new book blog, Functionally Fictional, and Saints & Curses had a spotlight with an excerpt on K.M. Jenkins’ blog.

And of course, some of my big news! My books are both available in the public library in Carrollton, Texas! I had heard it could be a challenge to get books on the shelves of libraries, since many librarians are very picky about their collections. But as of now, both Sapience and Saints & Curses on the shelves! My experience at the Carrollton library was so easy and painless that I’m going to try for some more libraries soon. As soon as I’m adjusted enough to my teaching schedule that I don’t feel like my brain is being sucked out of a funnel by the end of the day:)

My books, Sapience and Saints & Curses, are on the shelves in my local library! It’s a writer’s dream come true!

My books, Sapience and Saints & Curses, are on the shelves in my local library! It’s a writer’s dream come true!

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