My Top Five Sci-Fi Cosplayers from Fan Expo Dallas 2019

I had a great time at Fan Expo Dallas 2019, where my friend Sarah Mensinga and I had a table together (signing and selling books and having tons of fun!). I thought the con was tons of fun, and I especially loved seeing all the amazing cosplayers! Seriously, the creativity and care that go into some of these costumes really blows me away. I saw probably dozens of incredible looking cosplays, but for now I’m limiting this post to science fiction characters and I picked just five. Without further ado, check out these amazing customes!


1.Hazel and Cha Cha

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, I’d recommend it. Hazel and Cha Cha are fascinating characters, especially Hazel, who has a fascinating and touching emotional arc of his own.


2. Deadpool

This is my favorite Deadpool cosplay I saw at the con, and I love that I got a picture of him with Spider Gwen, too!


3. Fiona and Prince Bubblegum

I love Adventure Time! One of the funnier stories on the show is the long running references to a gender-bent comic version (or perhaps an alternate reality version? Both?) of Finn and Jake, which the Ice King obsesses over. I have some of the Fiona and Cake comics, and they’re so cute!


4. Padme Amidala

Just…wow. The effort that must have gone into this costume—I had to pick this as my favorite Star Wars cosplay, although there were so many people in wonderful costumes, this was a hard decision.


5. Cable, Wolverine, and awww!

Yes, those are cosplaying dogs. Deadpool doggie and Negasausage. Just, so cute. Squee!

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Odin Oxthorn Shares Their Greatest SciFi Gadget for OWS CyCon 2019

Greatest Gadgets banner.jpg

Welcome to another fantastic stop in our Greatest Gadgets blog hop! On this stop, we’re highlighting awesome Scifi tech, and you can find a full list of participating authors and topics for this hop on the OWS Cycon Website. Let’s dive in!

Welcome Odin!

Hi there! Thanks so much for having me!

Before we dive in to the nitty gritty, what is Sleepless Flame about?

Sleepless Flame is a fast-paced mission style cyberpunk thriller featuring a nonbinary protagonist. You follow the exploits of Nara, an alien war criminal that made a new life for herself as a mercenary in the Undercity of Arcadia.

Things get interesting for her when the unconscious body of the heir of the largest Biotech conglomerate lands at her feet. The same company that also has the largest price on her head. Oh what to do?

What can you tell us about the piece of SciFi tech you’re featuring today?

Let me introduce you to the InSpec Araknyd Visualization Assistant. Ranked number 1 in reconnaissance and user experience.

This tiny AI will give you the power of sight from another camera’s eyes! Just switch it on then drop it, and  this ingenious piece of machinery will do the work for you! No more depending on open wireless ports to risky security systems.

The Araknyd will automatically seek out the nearest surveillance device and infiltrate its systems, handing off the device’s visuals directly into your Augmented HUD in YOUR preferred platform. Its eight output connectors are not only its mode of transportation, it is also guaranteed to interface with every type of port on the market! (And some off market too.)

Don’t be cornered on your information gathering excursions without taking one of these with you!

NOTE: InSpec is not held liable for actions that violate trade agreements and local law. The Araknyd is used for in-house corporate surveillance and not to be used to gain access to unauthorized property.

Here is an excerpt from Sleepless Flame describing it in action:

She extracted a tiny mechanical spider from a pocket, turning it on its back to reveal a switch on its abdomen. With a gentle push, the critter twitched to life, flailing its tiny needle-like limbs excitedly as she set it on the ground.

           The critter darted over the floor, racing up to the ceiling with an eager tempest of pointy feet. Consumed by its hunting instinct, the creature accelerated toward its hapless victim, stalking a vigilant surveillance unit monitoring the corridor. The predator encircled the base of the camera, rearing back on its hind legs as it sized up its foe. Having uncovered the device’s weak point, it lunged onto its prey, ramming two of its wiry projections into the base of the camera. After a moment, it let off a victorious chirp, alerting Nara of a successful connection.

           Proud of its achievements, the critter summoned a display into Nara’s screen, showing off the perspective of the conquered camera. As she zoomed in on the screen, she reached her hand out past the elevator door, watching her fingers disappear in a hazy mist of warping light as the bug worked its illusory magic.

Where can people find you on the web?

Thanks for having me! I have a booth over at OWSCyCon where you can check out my work and come chat with me:


As well as my Books here:


But you can also follow me around the internet here:






Hope to see you there!

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