Saints and Curses is on sale this week! Also, Fall Fairy Tales and a New Review!

Well, it’s been an insane week at my regular job, but I’m so excited about all the things going on with my books right now! In particular, Saints and Curses is on sale this week for $0.99 (until Saturday, Sept. 28)!

In addition to the sale on Saints and Curses, I’m also having an Amazon giveaway for my first book, Sapience! You can enter to win a free copy by clicking the link and following my Amazon author account.

I’m also excited because Saints and Curses got another great review, this time from from writer and book blogger Jessica Belmont. My favorite quote:

The one thing all of these stories have in common? Beautiful settings, gripping plots, and believable characters.

Thank you to Jessica for her lovely and thoughtful review!

Check out these free, $0.99, and Kindle Unlimited  Fall Fairy Tale Books !

Check out these free, $0.99, and Kindle Unlimited Fall Fairy Tale Books!

Saints and Curses is also part of the Fall Fairy Tales Book Sale, hosted by Emerald Dodge. If you’re interested in books inspired by fairy tales, these books are all free, $0.99, or free in Kindle Unlimited until at least September 25!


I also have a new author interview available at Book Reader Magazine, so check it out!

I think I’m inspired by science, folklore, fairy-tales, and history. It’s amazing how much history reads like an unbelievably true novel. Right now, I’m listening to Ian Mortimer’s Edward III: The Perfect King on audible. It’s amazing how much Edward III’s life is like a fairy-tale, but a very dark, Hamlet-influenced one.

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