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My Most Recent Author Interviews!

I’ve been doing lots of author interviews and guest posts over the last few days! I’m thankful people have been interested in me and my books.

Dove Winters asks some very interesting questions for my “Questions That Matter” interview with her.

I believe that there is likely to be life on other planets, or even in our solar system in the deep sea vents of Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Where would I go on my ideal family vacation and other interesting questions? See what I tell Teresa Keefer in my interview with her.

I think I’d go an a walking tour of the Rhine with my family. We’d stop at lovely castles, quaint little inns, and beautiful scenes along the river. At night, we’d stay in lovely inns that serve authentic German food.

Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl asked about my world building in Sapience for my interview with her.

I think that the stories in Sapience are about big questions about our future. What kind of life will we find on other planets or moons? What kind of life will we allow an AI with human level intelligence? Can we overcome the old conflicts and hatreds of Earth?

I did an interview for Stephen Pearl’s blog on the Greatest Gadget in Sapience.

One of my favorite stories in Sapience is “Husk.” The main character, John, is a scientist who’s been tasked with creating an AI that won’t go mad or try to kill its creators (which has clearly happened during previous projects).

While this may not count as an interview, I’m also thankful to Kristina Kelly, who collected a wish list of tons of books using the #IndieApril hashtag, including Sapience!


Guest Post and Review of Sapience

I’m happy to say that Sapience got another lovely review, this time on Killian Wolf’s blog!

I gotta say, WOW! Thanks to Alexis Lantgen this will not be the last science fiction I pick up. I really enjoyed reading these. 

Check out the rest of the review on!

I also have a guest post on Mrs. Average Evaluates on being a mother and a writer, so check it out!

Becoming a mother is a beautiful but difficult transition. You’re so exhausted, so overwhelmed, that it’s hard to find the mental energy for the complex thinking required to write well.

I’m happy to write more guest post for other blogs or website, so if you’re interested in having me write for you, use the contact form below!

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Exciting News: ArlingCon, Interviews, and More

ArlingCon 2019

I’m excited to announce that in addition to Dallas Fan Expo, I’ll also be having a table at the Arlington Public Library’s ArlingCon on June 15, 2019, from 10am to 6pm. The event is free and open to the public! I’ll be signing and selling books, and I’d be happy to meet any readers and fellow science fiction fans in Arlington, TX.


I’m also happy to share that I had an Author Spotlight Interview on Timothy Bateson’s blog, which you can read here. In addition to being a book blogger and a writer, Timothy is also one of the brains behind OWS CyCon and the Fantasy and Science Fiction Reader’s Lounge on Facebook.

I also did a recent interview with book blogger Fiona Mcvie. Check it out!

Guest Blog

Finally, I wrote a guest blog for book blogger Katrina Marie, on my favorite quotes. I love quotes, and when I saw that Karina had a post on her favorite ones, I thought I’d write about some of the quotes I love best (hint: one of them is a famous line from “Dune”).