Six Very Short Stories (August 2019)

Here are six more of my very short stories! These are mostly scifi, with some dark stories that are more horror. I wrote them for the hashtags #vss365, #scififri, and #satsplat.

Safe Harbor

Kenda fired up her ship's safe harbor beacon. A bright flash of light indicated a nearby SOS--injuries, low on fuel, no food. The distressed ship was cheap--a hardscrabble freighter like settler families used. No money for her troubles. She clicked "ignore."


They told him about bravery, loyalty, and patriotism. They told stories of glory and courage. But the end came in a muddy field, shivering, guts trembling. The pale horse that felled thousands of soldiers with the most ignoble death. He cried for his mother.


She leaned forward, as if she stared into a dark mirror. The other woman was identical, but not. A web of scars on one cheek, lips curled in a brutal scowl. A hand reached up and yanked her hair. She couldn't tell if the scream came from her, or the other.


It was a small mutation in an ordinary flu virus. Under an electron microscope they looked identical and early symptoms were the same. But the patients--after a week, their eyes bled, their skin erupted in weeping sores. They died choking on their own blood.


The suit could feel like a haven. Away from everyone else, floating in the dark, the soft glow of distant corals the only light. Jethon couldn't reach her. But it was an illusion. A layer of graphene and insulation wouldn't protect her from sharp spines or teeth.

They’re Coming

She slammed the door and slid the bolt into place. The front window shattered.

"You'll answer for what you've done, Witch!" her neighbor screamed, tearing at her curtains, his eyes bulging.

"I didn't," she said. No one heard her. Or if they did, no one cared.



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Five Very Short Stories: SciFi and Horror!

Of course, I’m still writing tons of very short stories, or #vss, on Twitter, These stories came from the prompts for #vss365, #scififri, and #satsplat!


She hired glitterbots for their five-year-old's birthday party, and timed the bright explosions of pink sparkles for when her daughter blew out the candles. Everyone clapped when they went off. Except for one of the neighborhood dads, who sobbed in a corner, shaking.

Not My Fault

It's not my fault. She shouldn't have dressed like that, just begging for it. Girls like her deserve what's coming to them, if you ask me. I mean, that Dora the Explorer backpack? That cheeky gap-toothed smile? What's a man supposed to think?


Typical mining practices might disrupt the fragile ecosystem of Proxima 5. Instead, Xan had developed a network of modified plants whose roots could pull metals to the surface. An iron farm, he thought, as he disentangled the first muddy clumps of ore.


"Don't be absurd. Coral doesn't have sentience."

"Have you ever asked them?"

"No, why would I?"

"Haven't you heard them? You know they sing at night."

"Of course they don't! That's the sound of the wind and the waves."

"Just remember, they tried to negotiate."

Jed’s Rehydrated Burgers

Jed was not the first person on Mars, or the first to climb Olympus Mons, or even one of the first wave of colonists. But he did open up the first bistro in space! He proudly put up a sign for Martian potato fries and the best rehydrated burger outside Earth's orbit.