An Endless Bookshelf

I love books. I probably love them a little too much, because there’s so many in my home that Marie Kondo would have to devote a very special episode to sorting through them with me. Just kidding! I’d never let her near my books. Seriously, if she showed up at my door I’d drive her away with the power of salt and burning sage. I love books!

I may not ever read through all the books I own (though I’ve read most of them, and I certainly intend to try). But I love having enough books that I will always have one available to read or reread, and enough variety to suit my mood at any given moment. I particularly love science fiction and fantasy, but at any given time I’m also drawn to literary classics, nonfiction books about history, science, politics, and folklore, and even occasional thrillers. As a parent and a teacher, I also read lots of picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction.    

My bookshelf seems even more endless when I consider the different formats of books that I enjoy. I love traditional reading, but I love listening to audiobooks on my commute or other long drives, and while I primarily like physical books, I also get eBooks from time to time. I’ve discovered many comic books and graphic novels I love as well.

Given my love of books, perhaps it was inevitable that I’d try to write a few. I started out writing short readers’ theater plays for my 8th grade students to read out loud in class (a great way to encourage them to read and develop their fluency, and an eye-opening exposure to very ruthless and honest critiques for me). Then I wrote my first novel, tried to pitch it, and went...nowhere. But I didn’t give up. I went on to write a ton of short stories, and I started having much more success and interest in those. After a while, I decided to compile my science fiction stories into a book, which become Sapience.

I’m continuing to read and write as much as I can, and my next book, Saints and Curses, should be available later this spring. My current work in progress is a middle grade science fiction/fantasy novel that I’m very excited about. I hope to finish a first draft by the end of the summer. In the meantime, I’m hoping to focus this blog on the books that I’ve discovered and read, with occasional updates about author events I’m attending and other book stuff. I hope you enjoy reading!